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Lyderic "le Buc" Grand Forester And 1st Forester Of Flanders OF BELGIUM

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Birth  @#DJULIAN@ Abt 600  Belgium,,,,,Flanders 
Sex  Male 
Died  @#DJULIAN@ 677 
Person ID  I3400  Default Tree 
Last Modified  25 Feb 2009 
Father  Prince Saluart (Or Salvart Prince Of Digon) de Dijon OF FRANCE, b. @#DJULIAN@ Abt 580, France,,,,,Dijon 
Mother  Madame Engarde (Or Eringarde Of Rossilon) de Roussillon OF FRANCE, b. @#DJULIAN@ Abt 580, France,,,,, 
Group Sheet  F4387  Default Tree 
Family 1  Richilda, Merovingian Princess Of Merovia OF FRANCE, b. @#DJULIAN@ Abt 602, France,,,,, 
 1. Antoine, Forester de Flanders OF BELGIUM, b. @#DJULIAN@ Abt 650, Belgium,,,,,Flanders
Group Sheet  F3430  Default Tree 
Notes   Appointed Grand Forester and Governor of Flanders by Dagobert I, King of the Franks in 621. Married Dagobert’s sister, Richilda, Princess of Merovingia. His 2nd son, one of 15 children, was named Antoine Forester de Flanders.

LIEDERICK OF BUCK - First Forestier of Buck (later called Vlaenderen) (578-677) The prince of the castle of Dijon in upper Bourgogne

Some writers want, according to the story of Meyer, in his first Directories, on the year 621 that Liederick was appointed by king Clotarius as Forestier of Flanders, and also of the forest of the Ardennen. His son Bosschaert should have been married with Helwidis, sister of Holly Wandrillis, but this tale is undoubtfull. Mr. Machant praises Liederik, son of Salvart, prince of Dijon.

In about 631 Clotarius II, king of France, gave the governing board of Flanders to Liederick. It was a district full of bunches and marshes, but it had the renowned strenght of Buc. Liederick got the nickname of Buc or Buck, because he resided in this castle. He obtained the celebrity of Devoutness in confessing the Christian belief; of uprightness and austerity in the governing board; of prudence in peace, and of braveness in war-time.

Liederick died in the year 677 at the age of 97. He reigned during 62 years in large wisdom and prosperity. God bless his soul and the souls of all the christians who believe.

Lyderic was the only son of Saluart, Prince of Dijon and of Madame Engarde, daughter of Girard (or Gerald), Lord of Rouessilon.  Along with his new appointment as Royal Forester of Flanders, Lyderic was granted what was probably one of the first three coats of arms ever granted. These Buc arms were blazoned as follows: “Gyronny or et azure (gold and blue) of ten pieces, in the middle of an escutcheon gules”. By Richilda, his wife, he had 15 children and he was the first of a dynasty of Counts who governed Flanders.  Antoine, his second son, was First Grand Forester.   Bouchard his third son was named Forester, Lord of Harlebeck.   Estorede, son of the last was named Forester, Prince of Lorraine and Harlebeck. He died 792 AD.   Lyderici II, son of last was named Forester, and titled Count of Flanders and Harlebeck. He died 836 AD.    Enguerrand, son of Lyderic II, named Forester and titled Count of Flanders and Harlebeck.  He built many towns and castles, and died in 852 AD. In Harlebeck.   The last of this particular dynasty was Odoacer, son of the last named. He too was named Forester, and titled Count of Flanders and Harlebec, and built the Castle of Andenaerde, the walls of Ghent  and rebuilt many towns.  He died in 864 AD at Harlebec. 

On his death, the title of Forester and Count of Flanders then passed to Baldwin I, “Bras de Fer”(Arms of Iron), and his descendants who then held it for several centuries.
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